Chinese herbal medicine has an unbroken lineage of knowledge that has been passed down through ancient manuals that date back over 2,000 years.  With a requirement for good and effective medicine, enlightened early herbalists constructed sophisticated formulas with a depth of understanding that remains unsurpassed.

It was these ancient texts that informed the 2015 Nobel peace prize winner Youyou Tu’s effective modern anti-malarial medication.

Chinese herbal formulas typically comprise of 9-12 individual herbs. These formulas can be adapted a herb added/taken out to fit exactly what is needed by your body.  Natalie forms the prescription based on the consultation and diagnosis, using skills which also include tongue and pulse taking.

In an increasingly polluted world, it is essential that only the best quality product should be used.
The herbs are sourced from a company that rigorously tests every single batch of herbs for over 400 contaminates (200 more than the organic standard), if a single test is failed the batch of herbs are rejected, providing a first class quality of herb for treatment.

The test of time and depth of understanding have lead to effective treatments for many seemingly stubborn conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, poly-cystic ovaries, fibroids, infertility, urinary disorders and hay fever.

The herbs can be prescribed in raw form, which the patient boils up themselves, or in granule form.

Illustration of Chinese Herbal Medicine plants

Chinese Herbal Medicine Illustrations